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Programmes and discounts

Discounts for educators

You can enjoy Bose® sound in your home, office or school—all at special prices available only to US educators.

For enquiries, pricing and to place an order, call our Sales Solution Team on 1-800-353-4207.

Authorised dealers’ programme

Bose® works with selected companies committed to delivering the Bose® experience to their customers.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Bose® Authorised Dealer. Please review the categories below to access the appropriate information.*

US retailers

If you're a US-based retailer interested in selling Bose products and delivering a quality Bose experience to your customers, email us at New_Distribution_Request@bose.com.

Non-US retailers

To learn more about being a Bose® Authorised dealer outside the US, visit our international page and choose your region from the drop-down menu.

Professional sound (US/international)

If you supply sound systems for businesses, retail environments, places of worship and more, see our Bose® professional products.

*Enquiries will be reviewed and evaluated based on relevant criteria. Qualifying companies will be invited to continue the application process. Completing an enquiry form or contacting us in no way establishes your company as an authorised dealer.