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Rory McIlroy

No wires. No compromises. And nothing holding him back. Bose wireless headphones get Rory closer to what matters.


Bose brand ambassador, Rory McIlroy, has an obsession with details. He’s constantly working to improve his game, targeting specific adjustments that give him an edge. It’s this intense focus on the minor tweaks that prepare him for the major moments and make him one of the sport’s best.

We can certainly appreciate that approach, that obsession with fine-tuning everything that leads to the best performance. We apply that same process to designing our products. And that’s why Rory looks to Bose—and our wireless headphones—when it’s time to zero in and focus.


Let the music take you away

Keep focused, keep the music playing

Lose the wires, lose the distractions

Power through with better sound

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Rory McIlroy—Get Quieter, Get Closer

With QuietComfort 35 headphones on, there’s no one else. Just you, and what you need to do.

On the go

When you spend as much time on the go as Rory McIlroy, you can’t afford to lose focus because of travel. He visits 118 airports and spends 350 hours on a plane each year. But QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones give him full, balanced sound for 20 hours per charge while blocking out distractions. So no matter how far he travels, he can stay close to what matters.

On the course

Rory relies on Bose headphones on the course, too. For every one of the 932 mi (1,500 km) he walks on the course, SoundSport wireless headphones give him an unmatched combination of comfort and stability. Plus they’re sweat and weather resistant, and keep the wires out of his way—so when he’s hitting 16,336 balls during the year, he won’t have to hold back on a single swing.